[OCL Round 3] Forest of Flames

Posted Apr 16, 2023, 5:06:45 PM UTC

OCL Round 3; Elemental Traps

Okay... in hindsight... Suave felt pretty bad about this one.

It's not that he'd intended to start a forest fire. It was just... well, the Academics had tasked him with using the environment to create an elemental trap for his foe. Unfortunately for Suave, right now he was in Aridin. And unfortunately for Aridin... Suave's innate element was fire.

He was still admittedly proud of the idea, if he did say so himself. Whilst the Aridin lacked the lava flows or crumbling rockfalls that the Academics had seen as suitable examples, what it did have was a lot of dangling vines and foliage. Taking advantage of the Deck of Many Faces, he'd intertwined a selection of cards in the natural tangle of the land, and started... well, a couple of fires.
Small ones. Y'know, just a couple of licks of flame to get the ball rolling. Nothing serious.

The idea was that as Blue made their way through the area, the flames would set off a couple of cards and cause... well, a bit of a panic. Of course, if she was were to run, it would knock some of these dangling vines around - causing the flame to spread and more cards to be set off! It was a convoluted chain reaction of vines, small fires, and explosive cards, all waiting to keep bouncing off each other and keep the momentum going. Even The Scaled Academic would have to admit that he'd more than surpassed the specification when it came to this prompt!

A few hours later, and Suave was beginning to think... perhaps this wasn't a good idea.
He made a mental note to apologise to Blue later.
And another one to apologise to the citizens of Aridin.
This one wasn't gonna look good on the ol' criminal record.

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  • Apr 17, 2023, 10:28:12 AM UTC
    WHAT A FINALE!!!! My fave piece out of all of your entries, and my fave from all the pieces you've posted here! Seriously, holy shit! The background is insanely detailed, and the smoke billowing through the scene from the fires looks SO good. Suave looks brilliant as always, and not to mention this piece is so inventive!

    Literally gorgeous I cannot stop staring at it
    • Apr 19, 2023, 8:40:25 AM UTC
      Thank yooouuu. ;-;
      I am genuinely really happy with how it came out - doing Suave a lot has really let me play around with doing fire effects in different ways, and I'm really happy with how it came out on this piece in particular. ;-;





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