Posted May 26, 2023, 8:33:12 AM UTC

Character Name: Fen Drasil

Character Age: 26

Character Species: Human

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Orange

Brief biography: After accidentally catching the attention of the leader of the monsters that invaded his home kingdom, Fen had little choice but to join the former king in faking their deaths to avoid getting killed for real by the invaders. Luckily, Fen got a pretty neat surrogate father out of the deal. Unluckily, that same surrogate father gained a nasty post-mortem reputation of having dragged a child off a cliff. It hardly helps that Fen's childhood friend a) thinks Fen is dead, b) thinks Fen's dad killed him in a pretty horrible way, and c) thinks Fen is a girl. 16 years after the destruction of his homeland, Fen's reputation as a monster hunter has him and his dad crossing paths with his old friend, but now hardly seems like the right time to set him straight.

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