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Posted May 30, 2023, 12:01:58 AM UTC
Name: Cokun
Species: Kakuna
Gender: Male
Trainer: Lian Garashi
Trait: Alter
Lvl: 49
Base BP: 15
Current BP: 64
Obtained: Starter

Type: Bug/Poison
Shed Skin

-Harden     -
-               -

+ Tough          - Dominant

Cokun takes the role of the leader, asserting dominance when needed through aggressive clacks with his mouth, in the best of the cases. He's competitive and a confident decision-maker, with a tough body that usually leads him to victory.

Cokun grew up in the wild, surviving the surroundings while finding food on his own, decisive and moving forward, never backed up on a fight. His body adapted the rough conditions developing a stronger exoskeleton and a dominant personality. Eventually nature called, and ready to move to the next stage found a place to change without danger around. The scriptorium had an almost abandoned wing, it was dark. He changed into a Kakuna there, suspended between the library and the wall and submerged into a deep sleep.

Lian was now 14, and the masters needed him to transcribe some of the older tomes, in the same aisle as Cokun. His eyes sparkled as he grabbed the cocoon, ignoring the dangers. Cokun regained conciousness, but his body wasn't ready yet, inside he shook to push away the kid, but Lian took it with him. Enjoying drawing him, writing about him, or simply watching him and talking to him. He even assigned him a space, and kept him warm or fresh depending on the specific weather.

Level Log:
Reference Sheet | +5

Move Log:
Starter Move | Harden

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