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Mr Funky Trousers

Posted Sep 17, 2004, 12:11:55 AM
Older and drawn straight in with ink pen, no sketching or anything, I just doodled it on my notebook and decided I would colour it in Photoshop ^_^

Young looking Vegeta ^_^

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  • Sep 16, 2004
    lol, shy guy this Veggie...

    hmm... Nice picture.

    is it just me or is his hand's somehow... odd?
    • Nov 4, 2004
      Yeah, it is a little, I sketched it straight in pen, no pencil or anything, so there are a few errors . Thank you for the comment ^_^
  • Sep 18, 2004
    I really like this. I like the colors. I like to see new and different ways that people draw Vegeta. Nice work. Try not to draw so close to the edge of the paper next time though. Start with a really rough sketch so that you can be sure that it's fully on the page. When you have the drawing so close to the edge like that, it is unsettling to the viewer.
    • Nov 4, 2004
      Yeah ^^ The composition isn't so good, when I was drawing it, I drew it straight in pen, it was only meant to be a little doodle XD Nothing too special, but I liked how it came out so this is what I did to it ^^

      Haha, excuse excuses! XD

      Thanks for the comment ^_^
  • Oct 31, 2004
    AIYAH! so cute! must kiss him!
    • Nov 4, 2004
      If you ask him nicely he might let you XD
  • Oct 8, 2005
    Muted tones.... Omg, I envy people who can color with muted tones.
  • Jan 17, 2006
    Aww he look so cute and cool *kisses him* can you draw him again like this please
  • Apr 26, 2006
    Nice, interseting look for vegeta, you would have never thought he'd be shy Scratching Head
  • anonimo
    Jun 11, 2006
    he looks like a cute girl.