-ShonenAi- Rare Kiss

Posted May 21, 2006, 5:38:09 PM
Characters: Original - Kaedmon (silver hair) and Locke (bandana)

Medium: Wacom tablet sketch, colored in Adobe Photoshop.

First picture with these two... Kaedmon is normally cursed ( for instance... here he is in a diff picture with his curse ) with skin that is deadly to the touch... so normally kissing him, skin to skin contact, would kill you.

But a certain kind of moonlight from a certain moon temporarily removes the curse. And it is during one of these moments that Locke, his traveling companion, kisses him.

Locke is a traveling story teller... and he's blind... But Kaedmon took a liking to him, because he didn't act frightened of him like many other people...

Locke is Phoenix-Eyes' character

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