Got Head?

Posted May 27, 2006, 8:02:00 PM
Well, originally I was going to do something really cool and substantial for the background, but then my laziness crept in. Besides, less is more I think with this picture since I went into such "elaborate" detail for the character. *cough cough* Ahem... anyways, please let me know what you guys think of this. Critiques are like air to me. If I don't have air, I can't breathe. You don't want me to die do you? Wait, don't answer that... anwyay, this was done as a request from a good friend of mine. He wanted me to draw him the Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, so tada! I do as I am told. :yes:  And don't laugh at my horse. >< I am so terrible at drawing animals...
 Anywhoo, as always this is done with alot of patience, a tiny bit of magic, some severed heads (Hahaha! No pun intended!), and a tiny bit of help from Corel Painter 9.

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  • May 28, 2006
    Wow!This is great hun!YesHugI love the 3D effect!HugGrinIt`s like the horse is going straight at us!YesO.OAnd the horse isn`t that bad!Laughingwell,his front legs could be a little bit longer,but I like him!GrinHugAnd I just love teh colors!Especially how you used the orabge!And I think the BG isn`t needed that mush!Now you concentrate your full attention to the knight!YesHeartAll in all,the piccy rocks!YesHugAnd so do you!GrinYou`re so good at Corel Painter!O.OI`m really amazed!I`m having a history exam on Thursday..AnnoyedI have to read the whole book all over again,`cause when it comes to history - it`s an amnesia in my head!LaughingTotally blank!LaughingGosh...I hate studying.....AnnoyedAnywayz,if you have some time,I`d love to get a piccy from you!BounceOh,I feel so loved!HeartHugEmbarrassedI`ll pm you,k?But I`d like to see it when I finish my exams.YesI`d be like present for me!I`ll pm you!Yes
    awesome piccy and the title rox!!!!LaughingAwesome job allysa!YesMuch love to you hun!HeartHugHugHug
    • May 30, 2006
      Well, ask and you shall receive love. Of course I will draw something for you, but I have to get a few other projects done first. Plus a commission that I am working on for a friend of mine. But after that I will definitely draw something for you. You are like my favorite person here! Yes I am glad that you like my picture here. I think I have graduated to advanced rookie now. Laughing All my love to you mine darling. Hug
  • May 28, 2006
    Wow Kristy this is really really good. I hope you like the title I mean it just popped into my head I was thinking of a title and then the commercial "got milk" popped into my head and I switched milk with head "got head." Hope you like the title. Great work on the picture. You are agreat artist. Much love Alyssa. Mwha
    • May 28, 2006
      Thanks sweetheart. After all of these days of working on this SOB, I finally got him done. Oh god, now I sounded like Larry the Cable Guy. >< And yes honey, I LOVE the title! It works so perfectly for this. I knew if anyone could come up with a cool title for it, it would be you. Yes Besides, I like creative and original ideas when it comes to naming my art. >< So thank you thank you thank you a million times thank you. And from now on I think I should stick to you naming my art for me. I am so lazy. >< Love you babe. Hug
      • May 28, 2006
        You are very welcome my love!!!!!!!!! Hug I love you tons. And yes that would be an honor to name your arts. I love ya lots. MWHA!!!
  • May 27, 2006
    This is good. Thou you might light up the Jack-o-lantern. To make it scarier. The Horse is Good He's got Charactor. To me he looks like he is thinking. 'Again with the head thing. You know if you would have been looking where you were going the first time.You might still have a real one.'
    • May 28, 2006
      Laughing Woohoohoo! Oh my goodness. *snort* Okay, I think I am done laughing...no wait...okay, I am done. Smile Well thank you for your kind words. I actually tried to make it look like the jack o lantern was on fire, but then it just looked like he had some crazy raggedy afro going on so I nixed that concept. >< Sometimes I can make fire work, other times, it just comes out looking crazy. But I will try something different with the pumpkin because it seems to be lacking "something." I think maybe if I even jazz it up with a mist around it or something it may liven it up. Hahaha! Okay that was really corny. I am glad you aren't laughing to much at my horse. I am so terrible at drawing animals. >< I try to avoid drawing them as much as possible. Thank you for the vote of confidence though. Smile
  • May 27, 2006
    Aww, the horse isn't that bad. *patpat* but anyway, very nice job. Hug Yay!
    • May 28, 2006
      Heehee. Thank you. Well people that know me and my art know that I am absolutely terrible when it comes to drawing animals. >< So I try to avoid it as much as possible. But, unfortunately I couldn't have the Headless Horseman without the horse. Otherwise, he'd just be the Headless Man which definitely lacks points of interest. Yes Thank you for your kind review though sweetheart. Much love. Hug
      • May 29, 2006
        Haha, yes I guess that's true. Laughing You're welcome. I'm not much at drawing animals myself, so I know where you're coming from.




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