Posted Sep 22, 2023, 8:26:19 PM UTC

CHARACTERS: Naedithas Ambartanen, Tyrvalor Ilindriis

"I understand that you are upset about the state of the forest, Naedithas, but if you'd allow focus here, I'm certain that you'll rediscover yourself." Tyrvalor smiled and gestured to the man in front of him to shut his eyes and to inhale deeply. Clearly the other half elf couldn't focus, but did as he was told anyway. With the images of the fire still lingering in the back of his mind, the barbarian frowned deeply.

"Now channel your energy from within, focus on what it once was, not how it represents itself now. Hold the breath, focus on what it should be like, and exhale the corruption from your being ... Have no fear, I will aid you."

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