Camassia's Childhood Friend

Posted Sep 23, 2023, 3:03:08 PM UTC

Two flowers. One of noble standing, one of common folk. They have long grown distant but Camassia feels a twang of hope when she thinks she sees her or believes she feels her prescence. Unfortunetely for her, forgiveness is hard to come by, and they have not met face-to-face since the day when the other resigned from having any relation to her.

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  • Hyancinths
  • Pride Critters
  • Camassia-Origins
  • Leslie Everlake (Lyra, prompt 4/4)
  • Celestial Cervidae (Lyra, prompt 3/4)
  • Terra Borealis (Lyra, prompt 2/4)
  • Whistling Crystals (Lyra, prompt 1/4)
  • Camassia's Latent-Element (Sky)
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