Kakashi Sensei!

Posted Jun 5, 2006, 9:57:47 AM

Its been awhile since i played with the artrage program, so my apologies if the great Kakashi kun looks like crap.  It is completely handdrawn with an optical mouse, which is all i have till i get a digital tablet.  Feel free to crit it...........im so out of practice, its sad!

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  • Jun 5, 2006
    I really like it.Thumbs Up You've got the basic look of him, and the colours right. Just keep practicing and I'm sure you'll get even better! Grin Kakashi is so awesome! Giggle
    • Jun 5, 2006
      Why thank you nettie........I really tried hard to get it to look right, but its been awhile since i worked with Artrage, so Im a tad rusty at CGing.
  • Jun 5, 2006
    I agree with Nettie you do have the basics but you need to pratice until you need to go to another charater to draw.
    • Jun 5, 2006
      I just recently started to do Naruto fanart....I usually do more DBZ, but I figured Id do a pic of my favorite Naruto charrie. My next one is probably going to be my original naruto character, Kiriko.




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