Posted Jun 10, 2006, 6:09:54 PM

I honestly never thought I would finish this. ^.^;; I've never worked so long on something for a contest in my life. :dizzy: But, I just couldn't bring myself to slack on this one. I really wanted it to look pretty. It's for a contest on Sheezyart being hosted by my friend, Psyconorikan. Michi works so hard on every drawing she does the least I could do was turn out one nice work for her. She's on here too, you should go look. She's amazing. :yes:

The 7 bubbles are her friends. The characters belong to Psy, they're from a book she's working on. I made them in bubbles so they would look like she was remembering different fun times she had with them. I don't know a lot about how her book is going to go but it seemed like a good idea. ^_^

My scanner ate the crap out of this one so in addition to the time it took me to draw it there was close to 8 hours of fixing tiny discolorations. lol All together I worked on the traditional end of this for 31 hours. :dizzy: If I didn't keep really good track of how long things took me, I would never believe it either. But it came out alright in the end so I feel it was worth it.

Well, I hope everyone likes it! :yes:

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  • Dec 23, 2008
    I love the shiny texture of her hair and clothing, it really makes it stand out! ^-^ Great job on this pic. Smile
  • Oct 24, 2006
    Congrats on the Random featured artwork
  • Jul 28, 2006
    Yay! More blue! I love it! Can't...resist...fav! Laughing
  • Jun 10, 2006
    She's got the most amazing dress and hair! This is a realli great picture.
    I need to learn how to use pencil crayons... My stuff never looks nearly as smooth... Whats your secert? Wink
    • Jun 10, 2006
      Thanks so much!! Hug

      No secret. I mean, I never go back and forth if that makes it better. I only started working with colored pencils about 6 months ago so It's a little hard for me to say "don't do this, do this." because I've only just started. XD But I'm working on a tutorial now, tho! lol
      • Jun 12, 2006
        There is a god! Lmao, A tutorial would be great, I'm getting kinda rusting with my colouring and would love to see how others work at it... Others meaning people who are good. Laughing
        • Jun 14, 2006
          Awh, I'm not that good. I just like to draw. ^_^ But I'm glad you think so! Hug
          • Jun 15, 2006
            You are good! The more confidence you have the better you do! I wish that actually applied to me... Sleeping
  • Jun 10, 2006
    Moooorrree pretty hair! /^,^/ Whoo! I just cannot get over how gorgeous all of your characters' hair is! Yes It's a great piece of work, themusicdied.

    Oh yes, before I forget - 31 HOURS?! O.O Damn! Looks like it paid off, too! Laughing
    • Jun 10, 2006
      That hair was a pain in the freaking ass. Laughing That's where most of that time went. There was just so much of it. XD

      Thanks so much!! Hug I'm glad you like it!

      Oh, by all means, you don't have to be so proper. You can call me Katie. ^_^
      • Jun 10, 2006
        ...Your name's Katie?! O.O Wow, coincidence. Laughing But anyway, I hear talk you're making a tutorial on how you shine hair? Any idea when it'll be finished. I'm freaking out in anticipation. Grin
        • Jun 11, 2006
          Yeah, is your's Katie too?

          Well, since you seemed so nice and actually cared, I stayed up last night and finished it. I'll post the finished art from it today and I'll have that up today too. I would wait until Monday but I'm going camping. XD
          • Jun 11, 2006
            Yup, I'm a fellow Katie. Smile

            Aww, are you kidding me?! I'm gonna be gone all week! Oh No! I'm gonna have to wait all week to see this tutorial. Dern *snaps fingers* Yeah, I'm starting my job at a Girl-Scout Camp today, so wish me luck, and I should be checking back in on Saturday. Grin
  • Jun 10, 2006
    Holy carp that's a lonnnnnnng time to spend on a drawing. O.o What are the 7 bubbles at the bottom? And who is this character? If this is bassed off of a story, I feel the need to know! ^ ^
    It's so shiney and bright and shimmery! I think that all your best work must lose some of it's beauty in the scanning process...our eyes are not worthy for it's brilliance. ^ ^ Whooho...I love it. Favorite
    • Jun 10, 2006
      lol Yup! I worked pretty hard on this one. ^_^

      The 7 bubbles are her friends. The characters belong to my friend, they're from a book she's working on. I made them in bubbles so they would look like she was remembering different fun times she had with them.

      Aww, thanks so much!! Heart I'm glad you like it. And you are so deserving of it! Yes And, yes, the scanner does eat every good piece of work I do. -_-" lol