Posted Jun 13, 2006, 6:25:17 PM

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  • Jun 13, 2006
    I like this picture, and I LOVE this anime. Very Yaoi filled. Smile Nice picture, I'm diggin' the way you colored it.
    • Jun 13, 2006
      ooh thanx..well i dont find in this anime so much yaoi..more like...light yaoi..forgot its name...
      i think its my best colo as well as i spent most time colouring it than at any other picture i have at home...
      • Jun 13, 2006
        Shoujin or something like that light Yaoi is called... But I can tell you took a lot of time on this and it is nice. Smile
        • Jun 13, 2006
          riiight....shounen ai...always forget it..Smile
  • Jun 13, 2006
    Well I have never seen this anime before, so I guess that leaves me to completely critique the art itself. I am always envious of those that can make clothing so well. I have the hardest time figuring out where to make the pleats and folds in the garments. So I often get awestruck at those who make it look effortless. My favorite thing about this drawing is that if I close my eyes and then open them again, they are always drawn to the same spot. And that spot happens to be the little one's eyes. They have a bit of an uneasy and scared look to them which makes the whole scene so comforting. Did that make sense? If not, let's pretend it did. To make a long story short, beautiful work. Smile
    • Jun 13, 2006
      well this is what you get when you have 9 saiyuki mangas at home...i guess i took the clothes folds from that way of mush as possible..i just somehow feel them..dunno...
      ooh little anime he like very rejected like to this big guy Soubi...always pushing him away as he on the other hand always tries to hug him or something like that..its fun should watch has the episodes i think...

      thanx for the ever so lovely comments..
      • Jun 13, 2006
        I should watch it sometime huh? I have only watched maybe a handful of animes. I definitely need to become a true American and sit in front of the tube more.
        The funny thing is that I can "see" the pleats and such, but it is actually figuring out in my mind how to make the lines on the paper that I get stuck on. I often have to make people pose for me to get the poses right and the clothes right. And even then it is "iffy." Ah well. I am sure one of these days I will get better with it. Like with hands. I was so terrible at drawing hands before, but I kept practicing and finally I got the hang of it. Just thought you'd sleep better knowing that. Smile Oh and I think it is good for me to warn you that I like to talk if you haven't noticed. So I look forward to annoying you from here on out. Evil
        • Jun 13, 2006
          ohh yess..i usually use my hands as a moodel..thne as i draw with my left hand i do really circuss tricks yo get the hand what i need in the right

          looking forwards to your further annoying..

          • Jun 13, 2006
            Heheh... thank god I am not the only one that does that hand thing. Laughing I never wanted to admit to doing that in case people thought I was weird. Sick And you think it is cool to be annoyed by me now. Just wait until I really warm up to you. You will be kicking yourself in the ass soon enough. Laughing Just kidding. I'm not that bad. Right guys? Guys? Where did everyone go?
  • Jun 13, 2006
    OMG, OMG, OMG I love Loveless!!! I have never seen the anime before, but I fell in love with the manga. The plot is soooooooo goooooooooooood..*drools* Anyway, nice pic! I like the way you did Ritsuka's expression. That kid has been through it all, so I think it's only natural to show at least a hint of that in his face. (Which you did very well.) And nice job on Soubi too. He looks hard to draw..

    Keep it up!
  • Jul 16, 2006
    soo cute!!! =D I never saw the end of the anime XD
    • Jul 17, 2006
      really you didnt?well i think that the 12th episode isnt the last one at least manga still goes;p
      thanx for comment...
  • Aug 5, 2006
    wow you draw cute ritsuka and soubi *w*
    Nice colouring and anatomy <3

    = D ~~!
    Keep it up >W<!!!
  • Sep 15, 2006
    Hiya vampire_kiss. This is a lovely piece, I absolutely love your coloring! And what really caught me was how you managed to make the letters look almost 3-D with how you colored them. Great job! Smile

    BTW - I was wondering what anime this is?
    Just wanted to ask you the favor of informing us what anime it is in the description if you fail to find a gallery for it in the list we have. This would make modding and such for us, the staff, substantially easier. Sweat Drop Thank you!

    • Sep 17, 2006
      hey thanx for the nice comment...
      its from anime Loveless...
      im not shure if its on your list..i havent checked for some time in here so i dont know maybe its already here..
      • Sep 17, 2006
        Ooo Ok ok. Thank you. ^-^

        Well anyway way yes, Lovely piece hun.

  • Nov 12, 2006
    It's Ritsuka (SP?), YAY! Big Smile
  • Jun 18, 2018
    Love the look of this fan art <33




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