Fairy Anthroparents WIP

Posted Jun 15, 2006, 12:18:45 AM
I kind a like this show.

Art characters of Me, Dragon-morph, & Menchi Morph © by Andres Chung, Jr. (A.K.A Dragon-morph)

TV shows of Fairy Godparents © by Butch Hartman

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  • Aug 13, 2006
    Don't you meen Fairly Odd Parents? Any way... You need a little work on this one... ((I'm trying to be helpfull though I can't spell I can defenatly draw... I took 2 years of art classes in highschool and got A's and B's on every piece except one)) Even for a Fairly Odd Parent's ripoff I can still see room for improvement. Like the faces of the faries..... *Stops in middle of sentance*

    *Brain fart* Ok... I need sleep I'll try to finish this later...

    The lil' black cat girl