Two Sides of the Same Coin

Posted Jun 23, 2006, 2:02:44 AM
*drops dead*  This one was aweseom as cheese, but I did it on textured paper. Canvas paper to be exact. And, let-me-tell-you trying to scan in something on textured paper with my style of coloring, is none so short of hell. XD

Anyways, I hope you like it!!  It was so much fun to color. Perhaps because I had no pencils for 4 days but all the same. ^_^

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  • Apr 1, 2007
    wooow this is one of the best Fma fanfic ive seen good work of making the sloth type.
  • Jul 24, 2006
    sloth is nttin compared to greed!!! lol. cool pictures. great concept, sweet oroborus. Excellent work. FMA rocks
  • Jun 23, 2006
    this is truly great work!!! Scanner gives me the same problems XD I love the idea of this peice good job! Corky Smile
  • Jun 23, 2006
    whoaa, congrats, Katie! It has a really lovely coloring i love it soo much. I started to see FMA again 2 days ago. i think i draw a pic again of them too..
    Is there summer vacation already in Canada too? I have it from june 15th.
    Hope your headache calms dfown Smile
    • Jun 23, 2006
      Awwh, thanks moniee!! Hug Vacation? I don't know about Canada because I don't live there but here, yes. I'm going to Boston for a week in July and to the beach for a week in September. You?
      • Jun 26, 2006
        Ohhh, imsorryí Katie, i mixed places, i believed you live in Canada^^' sorry
        Hmm, i'll go my brother's wedding at July, and to my friend to ummm.. Őrbottyán.. (itsavillage in here)
        And I'll work some days. And im going to learn japanese(i study now too im in lesson 3. ^^weheee) and ^draw lotsof pics of course^^
        • Jul 1, 2006
          Cool! I know Japanese but I'm working on my Kanji this summer. I was going to go to Japan but my mother turned down the offer. XD