K-san is da shnit

Posted Jun 24, 2006, 3:49:06 PM

OMG I LOVE K SOO MUCH!!!! :heart: So I did a study of him drawing different angles of his face. I thought it came out pretty good for 3 in the mornin. =D

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  • Jun 24, 2006
    Wow! You're pretty good at K! =D That's amazing! =D Wonderful!! *I could never draw K like that!* 3 in the morning?!! xD Aiyah, well, this is pretty good!
  • Jun 24, 2006
    Wohoo, its very well drawn and shaded! Nice work, congrats^^
  • Jun 24, 2006
    *gasp* Kyaaaa!! I LOVE K-san! xDD Awesome! You did a great job, man. Especially for three in the morning. Whoo! Favorite
  • Jun 25, 2006
    Mr. K owns all.
    I love him endlessly myself.
    Very good for 3 in morning.
    Damn, anyone who can make spenders look that good deserves a reward... or a gun. Very Happy
  • Jun 28, 2006
    it is such a good picture! i bet i would like it even more if i knew who it was, so next time write who it is.
    • Jun 29, 2006
      umm...its right there on the drawing What? ...its even in the title
  • Jul 3, 2006
    YAY MR. K!!!
    This makes me SO happy. Yes Great pic!




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