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Posted Jul 4, 2006, 2:57:31 AM

This is Momo. She is the first of about eleven in my 'Me' series. When I say 'Me' I mean my nicknames and internet names. I already have four pictures drawn, but Momo is the first thats been colored. By the way, if you cant tell what the background is, its flower petals from a brush I made myself in Photoshop 8. The point of this 'Me' series is to show what I feel or imagine when Im called/using a particular name. )Plus, it should help me with my Photoshop and drawing skills :P Also, in each description for the pic Id like to say why this particular nickname was given to me or how it came about :P

Momo: This nickname was given to me by Terry (AmericanReject here on PD) It started out by him calling me Alimomoson(I think) :P But then it got shortened to just Momo. Recently we found out it means Peach in Im kind of a fruit now, lol :P

Well, I hope you like my picture. I put alot of hard work into it! Reviews are very very welcome!! ^-^

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