Fai x Kuro-Pi

Posted Jul 5, 2006, 6:43:44 AM
I recently picked up the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga out of curiosity (I was collecting XXXHolic at the time), and ... kinda fell in love with it.

I love all the characters, admittedly, but Fai and Kurogane's relationship makes me laugh.  So I just had to draw something that represented how I saw them.  :)

I wasn't intending to cel-shade it, but when I was putting down the flats in OpenCanvas, I decided that it'd likely look better, so did it that way.

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  • Jul 5, 2006
    Yay, Someone else who knows TRC!Big Smile
    I really like how you drew them, great job!I gotta fave this.Grin
    • Jul 5, 2006
      I'm glad you like it~! It seems a little hard to find Tsubasa fans sometimes, doesn't it? Sad I'm glad there are some here~! ^_^
      • Jul 6, 2006
        Yeah, and it kinda irks me when people think Fye's a girl.Slant Anyhow I hope they resume airing TRC here soon because now there's no decent anime on tv. I only saw the first season so far. Btw, isn't Kurogane's head band is supposed to be red? I think it would be good for this pic although it still looks great.Smile
        • Jul 7, 2006
          I think it might take a while for them to air the next series... I'm downloading it on BitTorrent right now because it's not been licensed yet. ^_^; They've not shown it here on TV yet though - I'm miffed!

          And yeah, it's red in the anime, isn't it? ^_^; This is the problem with only having the manga... no colour. Plus Sakura and Syaoran are on nearly every cover of the 9 books I have. ^_^; I felt a bit embarrassed when I saw the anime and realised I'd got the colour wrong... On the other hand, I took a guess at the blue on Fai's shirt and it somehow turned out to be right. ^_^; I guess good and bad luck struck all at once on it. _^^;;
          • Jul 8, 2006
            So that's what it's about! That's so annoying, the whole licensing thing.Doh And I was thinking because I live in Israel we get everything late.^_^; I guess I'll have to wait till they bring the next season here or something, I don't feel like beginning to download everything. Maybe I should get a manga provided I can find one. Don't you think they should make a color manga sometime? But I guess it's all trial and error.Laughing
            • Aug 26, 2006
              Sorry for the late reply. o.o;

              I agree that it'd be great if CLAMP made a full-colour manga. :o There aren't really many around... There is a full-colour compilation manga out now, called 'Robot', though. It's a collection of short stories and serials by a bunch of different artists and although it's kinda expensive, it's absolutely gorgeous!

              I recommend the Tsubasa manga a lot though, it's so lovely. Smile And the XXXHolic manga too, since it crosses over with Tsubasa. ^_^; They're both really addictive...
              • Aug 26, 2006
                Really? Have you seen it? I'd love to get my hands on it.Yes Although there's a bunch of other manga I'd like to buy... In any case I won't be buying any manga at all right now, too expensive.Sad I can check out XXX Holic though, I found a site that has the scans.
                • Aug 27, 2006
                  Yep, I've actually got the first two copies. :o It's very beautiful, and very nicely made. Some of the stories are a bit... gory, but some are really funny. And some are just so beautifully done it makes me go all squidgy...

                  Manga is becoming more expensive, isn't it? :/ I'm glad you can read XXXHolic though, it's a great series. Big Smile
                  • Aug 29, 2006
                    If only I could go to a store and buy it, I would, but the thing is that manga is only sold in a special store and I'd have to order it.Doh
                    I've already read the first chapter of XXXHolic. Funny,but Tsubasa feels like a sequel to it hehe.
          • Jul 12, 2006
            Btw, I'd be glad if you check out my Tsubasa fanart.Smile
  • Jul 5, 2006
    very awesome pic, girls shoulders are a tad small- but it's too late to fix I'm sure (I wouldn't bother) awesome colo job- really love this pic! Big Smile
    • Jul 5, 2006
      Girl? O.o Hehe, he's 100% guy. Tongue

      As to the small shoulders... People seem to complain that I tend to make shoulders big. What? I was trying to make him look delicate, even if he isn't all that really...

      Thanks~! ^_^
  • Jul 5, 2006
    Aiyah! This is great! =D Nyah!! Awesome job! It looks just like them! xD Although the Lineart is a bit thick, that's okay. I think it fits with it. very cute! I want that plushie!
    • Jul 5, 2006
      Hehe, the thick lineart is actually part of my style. ...Although you wouldn't know because I've not exactly uploaded much here. ^_^;;

      I'm glad you like it~! And I wish I knew how to make plushies, I'd love a grumpy little Kuro-tan too...
  • Jul 5, 2006
    Definately never heard of the manga but this is realli awesome.
    Great job on... everything I suppose.
    And you don't need to set it to candy coated critiques. No one can say bad when your doing this good. Yes
    • Jul 5, 2006
      I recommend both the manga and the anime! They're a lot of fun. Smile

      I'm really glad you like it~!

      And... I do, in some ways. ^_^; If they're pics I really like (like this) I don't want to end up being put off it. :/ I'm such a wuss...
      • Jul 6, 2006
        No one will say anything.
        Don't worri. Yes
        • Jul 7, 2006
          You're really kind. ^_^
  • Jul 5, 2006
    Big Kitty and Big Puppy!
    I love Fye and Kurogane, heck Fye is the whole reason I watch this series. I put up with all the whiney, baby voiced, stupid and weak, one-dimensional personality, clamp's trademark ditzy girl characters just so I can watch Fye pick on Kuro.

    • Jul 5, 2006
      *nods* Sakura does -not- come off well in the anime. She's kinda sweeter in the manga, but she does spend a large chunk of the first couple of books asleep...

      Fai and Kuro-pi's relationship is just too awesome, isn't it?
      • Jul 6, 2006
        Most of Clamps "heroines" are disgustingly babyish and helpless. They grate on my nerves. The only reason I watch Tsubasa is for Fye and Kurogane, they are great "frenimies".
        • Jul 7, 2006
          Some of CLAMP's females have been nifty, like Arashi and Satsuki, but... yeah, most of the heroines have been pretty angsy and whiny. I guess it's a popular thing in Japan, but it's still annoying. x.x Sakura isn't quite so annoying in the manga though, I was quite shocked how suddenly useless and breathy she was in the anime...

          Hehe, I love the term 'frenimies'. ^_^
  • Jul 6, 2006
    oh i love her expression. So cuteBig Smile
    • Jul 7, 2006
      Hehe, 'she' is a very feminine-looking 'he'. ^_^ CLAMP like to confuse people sometimes, don't they? x.x;

      *was a little surprised that 'he' wasn't a 'she' when I started reading the manga...*
  • Nov 10, 2007
    I think it's really cute. I like it.