Gaara's Childhood (a request)

Posted Jul 13, 2006, 5:25:31 PM

This was a request. It's not like everyday we get to see Gaara like this, no? We'd probably never going to see him like this. Oh well..

Yes, it's very out of character, but I thought it was pretty cute.
I hope you guys like it too!!! *hugs

Used: Watercolor and colored pencils


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  • Sep 16, 2006
    It would be funny if not sad...LaughingStill,this is kawaii!Yes:hug;Gaara looks si cute in this pic!HugGreat job!Hug
  • Jul 13, 2006
    haha! This looks cute! =] You're pretty good with water color and color pencils! xD
  • Jul 13, 2006
    aw. Gaara acutally looks cute for once... Smile I like this, the coloring is really neat and makes it stand out. Wink
  • Jul 13, 2006
    lol..gaara kun found a new friend...

    sort of kawaii request....

    nicely done!

    v k