Ninja comic

Posted Jul 14, 2006, 4:19:58 PM
Well this was done in all pin no pencil Yeah!!! Oh yeah it is backwards!!!! Ok well I can't seem to get that though some peoples heads......*sigh* Well this will show you how much free time I have.

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  • Jul 30, 2006
    Hm.....not bad......Not Bad Sasuke.......
  • Jul 21, 2006
    I....ENVY YOUR TALENT! I can't draw comics worth a $hit! <.< *Growls* Nice work, and I get the concept of reading backwards, I have a weird comic that's like that XD Nice work though, it REALLY looks great! I have to get back to my master Zabuza now and Haku. *Runs up a tree and disapears*
    • Jul 21, 2006
      *stares* thanks I enjoyed drawing it! Smile heh-heh Now I must go to my master but I shall return! *Disapears into the darkness*
      • Jul 21, 2006
        My master calls to much. XD I swear, but it's good to be a mist ninja, ya? Good to be a ninja in general. XD Okay, I shall wait for Orchimaru to let you go. *Crosses arms and waits*
        • Jul 21, 2006
          *1 hour later walks out of forest* Jeeze......he wouldn't stop babbleing on about this "mission" I am sopposed to go on...*sighs* not even a minute rest for me...
          • Jul 21, 2006
            I get breaks from my master Zabuza all the time, me and Haku are usually off for about half the day but then it's work. @.@
            • Jul 22, 2006
              Yeah I get three days off then I leave again for Arizona (aka the sand village) Orochimaru sends me straight to work no play....