Tension complete

Posted Jul 24, 2006, 2:28:37 AM
Theyre walking on a boardwalk that shows the view of a city.  Thats the first thing that came to mind. XD I know I should be working on my Rainy Date pic but I spent all weekend on this sketch and I just wanted to see it completed. 

Goku: Vegeta, now that were a couple...shouldnt we hold hands? Like couples do?

Vegeta: Theres no rule that says we have to.

Goku: But I...want to hold your hand.

Vegeta: Whatever for? Theres no need to display public affection.

Goku: Because I just think its nice.

Vegeta: FINE, if itll get you to stop nagging me about it. *holds Gokus hand*

Goku:  *sniffles *

Thats kinda a little bit whats going on in the picture. ^__^

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