adult link

Posted Jul 24, 2006, 2:28:49 AM
i love all LOZ games!!!
a pic of adult link and the master sword.

comments appreciated.

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  • Jul 23, 2006
    Very nice, I like how you colored it. What I would say though, is that you have to try to make sure you work out everything in the body anatomically correct. While his torso seems to have his back to us, his legs seem to be facing us.
    • Jul 23, 2006
      anatomy and preportions are something i need to work on. thanks for your comment. ^^
      • Jul 23, 2006
        lol It takes time to get used to, but after a while of drawing and whatnot, it really starts to kind of just, work itself out. You'll get it down. And I will help you! Big Smile
  • Jul 26, 2006
    Hmm, wut can i say? I like this pic! LOZ rocks! hmm, one thing I will kindly mention that sort of bothers me, is his, If you could make them a bit more even and symmetrical to each other, that would contribute greatly to the pic. I know, I draw anime too (though I don't post it here on PD) and, one of the hardest parts of my characters for me, are the eyes. but, practice makes perfect, and, I'm sure with practice, you'll be great at drawing the eyes correctly...hope this helped! ;P

    ~Kuro Ame
    • Jul 27, 2006
      yeah, eyes are one of the many things i need to work on. i can do girl eyes pretty good, but i've always had a hard time with boy eyes. thanks for your help.^^
      • Jul 27, 2006
        no problem, my pleasure!
  • Aug 8, 2006
    Hurray more LoZ pics! There aren't enough on this site. Good job
    • Aug 8, 2006
      i love loz.
      one thing that i noticed, and (i wish would change)is that there aren't ANY TOS (tales of symphonia) pics on this site except the one that i have on here. it's a really great game. thanks for your comment^^
      • Aug 9, 2006
        No problem, yeah we need more tales of symphonia pics on here