.:Natsumi's Broken Heart:.

Posted Jul 26, 2006, 1:59:20 AM
The title is actually on the picture, but it didn't fit up there. ^ ^

This is my Fruits Basket fan character, Natsumi Sohma. She's the freak of the Zodiac in my fanfiction. Being possed by the Dog, even though Shigure was. Natsumi falls in love with Shigure, but in my fanfiction he breaks her heart, and is infact in love with Natsumi's brother. (Yes, I do like Yaoi, bite me.) So, Natsumi runs off, and Kyou, goes to find her. Now Kyou has acted as her big brother since she stayed in Shigure's house when Akito banished her from the main house.  He told her that he loved her, and not just like a sister. So she fell in love with him, but even though she loves him now, her scars can't be healed from being broken. Being promised.

This is, Natsumi Sohma.

Natsumi (c) ME

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  • Jul 30, 2006, 2:58:35 PM UTC
    Heh....it is really good I like it......Great job.....




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