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Posted Jul 26, 2006, 4:24:49 AM

This is Novienar's character, Corel! ^_^ This wasn't actually a request or anything. She's just awesome and really nice to me so, consider this my thank you. :yes:

I actually drew this, and about 3 other Corel sketches on my ride to MA for vacation. I only stopped to watch people writing "Dunkin' Doughnuts" in the sky. XD Then I finished it up the next two nights. I know, I shouldn't draw in the car but 8 hours of doing nothing wasn't working for me. lmao!

Also, I'm sorry if my photoshopping sucks like hell. I'm no good at it and I wanted this to look nice for Novie because I promised it would and, it just looked boring with just white there. XD So, is my photoshopping hopeless? :lmao:

Anyways, hope you like it Novie-san and everyone else!! :hug:


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  • Jul 26, 2006
    Great outfit. Her head seems a bit big for her body, but I haven't seen the Anime so I might be wrong. I think leaves look awesome and so does her hair.
    Your photoshop skills do not suck... I think it looks great. Well done.
    • Jul 26, 2006
      Thanks very much!! Heart It's not actually an anime yet; it's a friend of mine's character. If you're on DA or SA, her name is Novienar. ^_^
  • Jul 26, 2006
    I said it before and I'll say it again. Awesome coloring ^^ I like all those little leaves behind her it makes her pop out more from the pic.
    • Jul 26, 2006
      Thank you so much, Jill!! You wouldn't believe how happy to hear not everyone thinks it looks like crap. XD
      • Jul 26, 2006
        Your welcome ^^ why would anyone think it's crap? I outta give them a piece of my mind! Skull lol ^^
        • Jul 27, 2006
          Eh, well, I've just got some friends that, given, they are really good friends to me and help me with anything they also just like to help me with my art a lot more then others.

          Not to mention I have absoulutly no ego what-so-ever so I usually focus on what I did wrong. XD
  • Jul 27, 2006
    You did an amazing job on this!!
  • Aug 30, 2006
    Hi themusicdied,
    What anime/manga/show/etc is this from? Please let me know so I can create a gallery for it.
    If this is not a fanart, please place it in the original gallery.
    • Aug 31, 2006
      Hi BogusRed,

      This character belongs to my friend, Novienar. I didn't put it into the Original gallery because the character doesn't belong to me. I had figured that Misc. Fanart would be where to put it since she hasn't been large-scale published yet but, none the less the character isn't mine. If not, just let me know and I'll change it. ^_^
      • Aug 31, 2006
        Ok I suggest putting it in original art and then just stating in your description that the character is owned by a friend.

        The "Other Fanart" gallery is intended as a temporary gallery until a new fanart gallery is created.
        • Sep 1, 2006
          Okay! ^_^ It's no problem at all; I'll take care of it right now. Yes