Storm God (Amphitere)

Posted Jul 29, 2006, 11:48:27 PM
This really deserves colour but I doubt if I'll ever get around to finishing it, as I started it during a run - naturally, given Amphitere being the Totem of speed and all - and since I won't have the energy for another one for a while yet... I dunno if I can get it done sober or on other things. Plus, I like how this scan looks on its own. We'll see what happens. Maybe I'll do one version digitally and one version otherwise. I did START colouring it, the beginning of a watercolour pencil base, but I probably won't finish it. This is really only a chunk of the piece; the scanner bed is just under 9x12" and the piece itself is 11"x14". Which is another impediment to my finishing it, as it looks weird to me without all of itself, but it's too complex to scan in pieces and assemble. Oh well.

Mechanical pencil.

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