Rebellion (start)

Posted Jul 30, 2006, 11:25:26 PM UTC
I'm working on a majour portfolio project using a set of 100 concept prompts and either 36 riverworking themes, or 18 of those plus 18 stygioglyphs. The intent is to produce a long-lasting, comprehensive and easily portable/shareable archive of my best work. I have a big, high-quality 'sketchbook' I plan to do the final version of each image in, though I may not stick to that, as I often only get a given picture right once, and trying to redraw it is inherently doomed to failure, and if I happen to get a given prompt right outside the book I can either paste it onto the appropriate page, which is unprofessional, or do my best to render the 'official' version as high-quality as I can knowing it still won't surpass the outside version, which is unacceptable because the whole point is to show my best work using the prompt table as a format, guide, table of contents, and inspiration source, not just to draw the prompts for their own sake. Plus, I want to include my digital skills as well, and the only way to do that outside bytespace is to print them out. So whether or not I end up actually drawing everything in the book I'm still doing the project, if only because a professional artist absolutely must have a portfolio, and I'd prefer it not to be haphazardly picked from the work I've done over the years that sucks least. "The back catalog happened; the portfolio was planned." So every now and then I'll be posting images from the portfolio, mainly finals once they happen but also earlier versions, especially because the demos happen far more often than the finals do.

This is my favourite demo for Prompt 63: Rebellion. It may or may not become the final version for that prompt; haven't decided yet. Mechanical pencil, some Photoshop.

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