Garden WIP II

Posted Jul 31, 2006, 3:29:46 AM
I have hit an unexpected... I don't want to say 'snag' or 'block', because that implies the trouble is larger than it is. Speed bump, call it. In essence, I've gotten to this point and the piece obviously isn't done, or at least it doesn't *feel* done, but I'm running out of things I can do to it with markers and waterpencils. And I don't really want to switch to colorpencils like I'd usually do... and yet there's so much left that needs to be done to it. I'm torn between finishing it digitally, which would rob me of having an awesome original to frame and/or sell (I don't expect to be able to sell prints of much of anything I do, at least not until I develop one of those odd 'fanbase' things far-less-experienced artists seem to have no trouble attracting [/bitterness] :p) and switching to colorpencil and/or chalk pastel, which means essentially doing all that work AGAIN in a different medium, or even two different media, the idea of which makes my hands want to fall off. And a tiny part of me wants to just declare it Finished As Is, but that's the tired/lazy part (in that order, to be fair to myself.) So I'm not sure what to do here. I know it would look completely awesome if I brought out the chalk pastel, and I can definitely see some stuff it'd be helpful to touch up with the colorpencils... but, Jesus, I'm tired of working on this particular piece. Yet if I put it down I doubt I'll ever pick it back up again.

So here's how it looks right now, with a tiny bit of digital touchup in a spot I forgot to do penwork in -- too much effort to do that tiny spot and then rescan it :p But while I'd really like some serious critique on the piece as usual, I'd also like some input on where I should take this thing from here. And I'd also like to know what other people see here... what they think this is a picture of, not counting the obvious (trees, a mountain.) What objects are present besides the generic 'tree', 'mountain', 'plant', and so forth? The plants in the lower-right corner are <i>Papaver somniferum</i> of course, but the mushrooms are of several completely different species. Really I just want to know if I'm rendering various things clearly... what I see as rocks may look like something else entirely to other people. So help me out here! If I could mark this 'double-intense critique' I would. Thanks!

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