Posted Aug 3, 2006, 3:44:27 AM
I used to consider this a WIP, but I never did 'finish' it and as time has gone on I've decided I actually pretty much like it as it is. Its rough, edgy, broken-fetter feel suits the character. This is my signature Werewolf: the Apocalypse character, the wolf-born Get of Fenris Waning Moon Winter's Grief wearing his preferred shape for combat, the Near-Wolf Hispo, as he prowls through the spirit world reflecting his ancestral territories in the deep Scandinavian wilderness. The wind ruffles his fur, revealing old scars, and because he walks in the Umbra, his scar fetishes glow; the Rage-spirit with red, the Lune with moonlight.

 For those unfamiliar with the setting and ready to offer critique (please do!) the Hispo form is different from the wolf form of a Garou werewolf; it's a step between the monstrous man-wolf war-form called Crinos and the purely wolfish Lupus form. Winter's Grief stands 5'6" at the shoulder in this form, and his Hispo head and jaws are much heavier and more developed than his natural wolf forms. Near-Wolf form is also more muscular, with heavier bones, a longer counter-balancing tail, and combat-capable claws. In emergencies it can even balance on its hind legs. That's why its anatomy isn't quite the same as a wolf's, so most -- not all, but most -- of the differences between this and a real wolf's anatomy that you'll notice are intentional.

Mechanical pencil, Photoshop.

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  • Aug 5, 2006
    First off, I really like him, he looks really great! However, his back seems a little straight; a WOLF back typically has more of a downward curve after the shoulder and comes back up for the hindquarters. But, seeing as this is, in fact, not a wolf, I cannot be sure that this is not what you wanted. I really like the coloring used in this, his fur actually seems to have a slightly soft yet ruffled look to it. The top of his head looks a little flat. once again, I draw wolves, so I am looking at it from that point-of-view. There should be a bit more height from his ears to the beginning of his snout. Sorry if I seem to ramble a bit too much! ^.~
    • Aug 5, 2006
      Thanks. Ramble as much as you like if you're critiquing my work! ;p The shoulder/back transition curve is indeed present but it's obscured by his mane, which is very stiff in Hispo even when he's not being pissy and lifting his hackles, which he is here. And you're right about the skull being too flat; in Hispo it really should be longer and lower but not *flatter* than in wolf form... the whole face is a bit off, really, and here's why -- I noticed, after scanning and in the middle of the colouring process, that the head I'd drawn was undersized, which is a bad habit I had at the time (2004) and which I still fall into now and then. So I tried to fix it digitally, and in the process of colouring and recolouring (I always work in layers, but not usually the literal Photoshop sort of 'layer'; just colour over more colour over more colour until I'm satisfied with how something looks, which can take literally dozens of layers over one part of a piece) the head just slowly grew of its own volition. The whole body bulked out somewhat, actually, but it's most obvious there. Now, I can colour well enough with a mouse, but actually drawing is another proposition, and while I can pull it off with a lot of work, it's not at all easy, and especially when different parts of a thing are developing independantly from the rest as I colour, you get a result like... well, that head. :p

      Seriously, don't even worry about rambling here. I'd very much appreciate lengthy, detailed critique on anything and everything I post if at all possible, which is not something I often get. Hence my uniform use of the 'Roast Me' designation. Thank you for your time. Smile
  • Aug 4, 2006
    Wow this is pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of the Wargs from Lord of the Rings
  • Aug 3, 2006
    I can't roast you, first it's way to good and that's not me. Nice job on this art piece!




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