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Heir of the Pumpkin King

Posted Aug 9, 2006, 5:36:50 PM
Ever wonder how Jack became the King of Halloween Town? No, he's drawn smaller on purpose because he was 12 when he met Jack Pumpkinhead the original Pumpkin King for the first time.

Basically, this was based off an RPG my sister and I did. Jack had an argument with his rather mean and obnoxious parents. Jack runs away and hides in the pumpkin patch, that is, until Pumpkinhead nabs him. But the king seems friendly enough so a lively conversation struck up. Being avid science fanatics the two found a lot in common with each other. Finally Jack has found someone who understands him.

But just who is Pumpkinhead anyway? Rumor in town never originated from Halloween Town. He fell from the sky one day, crashing into the pumpkin patch. Before that, the facts were obscure. Even Pumpkinhead had no idea where he came from, he only knew what his name was. Yet regardless of where he came from, the Halloween Town came to accept him, especially when it was him that they owe so much to. Pumpkinhead became so well known for his ideas for Halloween fright that he became beloved to the residents of a town that was losing hope from constant attacks from fiendish creatures. He gave them a vision of a better Halloween Town. Eventually even Mayor allows Pumpkinhead to rule as king.

The time of this pic was during Pumpkinhead's reign, where he managed to drive back all of the enemies of Halloween Town. He befriends Jack Skelllington, the son of a well-known, yet not well-liked, wealthy family. Yet their friendship is threatened as Jack's parents found out about it and tried to exploit it for their selfish needs. And why does Jack feel so tense when he sees the Pumpkin King's royal advisor, the creature known as Oogie Boogie?

Hopefully, I'll write down this fanfic but for now I'll be satisfied with a scene from the RPG.

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  • Aug 9, 2006
    NC Heart Jack. And that's all I have to say 'bout that. xD
  • Aug 10, 2006
    I really like this. YOu've done an excellent job. Your story sounds incredibly creative and I look forward to reading it when you get to it. Until then, I will have to wet my appetite with this pic.