Almost Goal

Posted Aug 11, 2006, 9:47:21 PM
Shoulin Soccer coudnt escape my mind at all when I was watching that movie!!! So I drew this little scene as I was pre-occupied.

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  • Aug 13, 2006
    oooo I like this one! ^^ I've never seen Shoulin Soccer but heard good things. The action poses are great!
    • Aug 13, 2006
      Lol yeah, I just wish I drew it more bigger and closer and at a certain action angle. Then it would have been dramatically nice! ^_^
      • Aug 13, 2006
        yes I agree. But this one looks good too. Action poses are hard to do...for me at least.
        • Aug 13, 2006
          I dont know, I usually have these wooden model thingys that I bought at my local art shop for 10 bucks each. I can arrainged them in any order I want and it would give me a certain idea of what that action would be like in a drawing.
          • Aug 13, 2006
            hey that sounds like a pretty creative idea. At least you've got some thing to look off of. That helps big time.
            • Aug 13, 2006
              Yes indeed. Or I just use my siblings instead. ^_^;;
              • Aug 13, 2006
                I don't have sibilings...well i got a brother but hes 21 and lives far way. Laughing
                your so evil Evil j/k
  • Aug 29, 2006
    Haha, very cute. I've never heard of Shoulin Soccor. Oh well. I use my little sister as a model sometimes, and I used to have one of those wooden model things (got it for X-mas a couple years ago). I named him Jim...but he wound up getting in this horrible accident and became a torso-boy. And... I had to throw him away. Sad It still saddens me. I loved Jim. Oh well, nice picture nonetheless. ^^
    • Aug 30, 2006
      Yeah poor Jim. Hope you get another one for Christmas. Live models kinda suck sometimes.
      • Aug 30, 2006
        I hope I get another Jim, too. You think your live models are bad? My live model's just turned 5. _ _' Oi vey.




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