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winged serpant

Posted Aug 15, 2006, 6:53:06 PM
just something that popped into my head, i like drawing serpants(sp.?)
like i said before, im trying to get better at colored pencils. cause i think, if you can do it right, it looks really cool.
any way, comments and advice appreciated like always.

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  • Nov 14, 2006
    Alright- since you asked for critique, I'll give it a go...

    First thing that sticks me with this one, is that I don't know what it is. There's something wrapped around a rising of somesorts. See, it's TOTALLY covere by wing. You have to identify that its a serpent by something that looks too melded into the structure to be a tail. Drawing pictures is all about elements of the subject. In this, the subject is the serpent- right? First thing you want- the sepent taking up most of the pic, not covered by less important things. Make it stand out. If you want it to wrap around, then wrap half it's body, and leave the rest to the open.
    Second thing- shadows. Identifying where the shadows are is faar more important than having them. Just cause you've used a darker colour, doesn't mean it's 3D. If it helps, draw where your light source is and draw lines to show where things hit. I can do a red line crit to show where I'd put shadow. Essentially, with the sun in the BG there? I's expect the creature to be silhoetted. A romantic type pic.

    Lastly, selecting the focus. It's easy to select the focus but making important things bright and saturated, and unimportant things dull and unsaturated. This gives the eyes some thing to focus on. This picture is too saturated to say what the subject is.

    So yeah- I hopw that all helps ^^