ashamed serpant

Posted Aug 15, 2006, 7:01:23 PM
yeah, i know, i went on a snake drawing spree that day. lol.
anyway, the name came from the blue one, i was trying to make it look like it was ashamed of something.
comments appreciated...

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  • Aug 15, 2006
    I love this pic. I have to say that I love snakes in a weird sorta way. But that is because I am goofy lol. Anyhoo I have to add this to me favs. This is awesome. And the detail is really good too. Keep the GREAT work up!!!! ^_^
    • Aug 15, 2006
      thanks, i like snakes too, do you have any?
      • Aug 15, 2006
        Well I did. It was a rare albino king well that is what the store clerk said. But the next day me and my mom had to go to the store and our next door nieghbor had broken into our house and took my snake and sold it Sad I was so sad. So now I can't have a snake because my brohter is afriad of them. *sigh* So I have a cute cuddly kitten lol.
        • Aug 15, 2006
          oh, that sucks....who would steal a snake???
          thats really odd. o__O
          i have to lizards right now, a savvanah monitor, and a b+w columbian tegu, if anyone stole one of them, they would be really sorry. i love them to death. lol
          • Aug 15, 2006
            Yeah I know a jerk would steal my snake lol. Thats cool that you 2 lizards I like lizards too.