Ass-Kicking Gothic Lolita

Posted Aug 29, 2006, 2:02:59 AM

...Unless it's Mana's.

This was drawn for an LJ community of the same name when I was fifteen.

I think the community is dead now.

Oh well.

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  • Aug 31, 2006
    Gothic Lolitas make me want to take them home and put them on a shelf to stare at...
    Like dolls!
    • Sep 1, 2006
      Oh, me too!! Heart

      I've been a huge fan of the fashion for what seems like a very long time! I would LOVE to dress Lolita just once.
      • Sep 1, 2006
        There's all sorts of GL sites online that sell GL clothing, but it's all really exspensive...
        Hot Topic and some alternative punk stores have been putting out Gl clothing lately, I bought the cutest dress about a year ago, and some people recognize that it's GL other's think I'm a gothic maid @_@... Haha.