The Beaded Angel

Posted Aug 29, 2006, 3:44:53 AM

I like the design of her, especially the hair.

I hope to do a new version of her soon because frankly, I hate this picture. The anatomy especially is all effed up.

Lordess loves it, though...and you know how that goes.


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  • Aug 28, 2006
    You know it!
  • Aug 29, 2006
    I'm sorry, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Man, I'd kill you draw like you. Sadly, my artistic vision is limited. Sad
    • Aug 29, 2006
      You are so kind to me!! Thank you so much!! Really, you flatter me!

      I would go into all the things that bother me about it, but it would be very long-winded. :x If you want an example, her head is WAY too large for her body. Sad Too bad, huh? That's my favorite part, too (aside from the wings).

      I'll tell you one thing, if you're willing to add a bunch of tiny details to drawings, it makes you seem so much better than you really are. @__@ Trust me on this. People overlook anything wrong with your pictures - especially anatomy, thankfully - if you heavily detail them.

      Thank you again! You make me feel very nice inside. Giggle
      • Aug 30, 2006
        You deserve flattery! Your art's awesome!

        Her head's...really too big for her body? O.O! Wow. Maybe I didn't notice because of the awesome detail...and the fact that I suck at anatomy and proportions. Sweat Drop Meep.

        Hrm...maybe I'll start gathering the patience for major details then. Giggle Yes, I admit it, I have no patience, whatsoever. You're welcome! =)
        • Aug 31, 2006
          Thank you again!

          Yes, I pretty much suck at anatomy and proportions myself. :x It's what I'm working on these days, but it's very hard!

          And little details eventually become fun, especially things like lace and...whatever those beads are. Big Smile LITTLE CIRCLES! There are little tricks you can develop to add details with ease. Heart
          • Aug 31, 2006
            Hrr...which brings up the question - what kinds of pencils do you use? Just curious. Ponder I do that sometimes.
            • Sep 1, 2006
              Ha-ha, I use the badboys seen in the picture included. XD


              Really, my drawing supplies are pretty ghetto. ;D
              Image attached
              • Sep 1, 2006
                Whoo! BIC! Laughing Ghetto's cool with me. I use them, too. I've never met anyone else here who uses ghetto supplies, so now I don't feel so weird. WhoO! Hug
  • Aug 31, 2006