Posted Aug 29, 2006, 4:40:53 AM

It's nice to be held by the one you love most.

Another picture of Luke and me. Just because I love that kid.

I hate drawing myself, because my drawings always end up looking better than real me, and then I feel narcissistic.

Oh well.

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  • Aug 31, 2006
    Oh golly!
    What medium did you use? I want to say a painter program, but this is almost too good to be regular oekaki!
    • Aug 31, 2006
      Thank you so very much!

      It really was just an oekaki (the PaintBBS program specifically). I didn't use anything but the pencil tool at 1 pixel, so I guess it could have even been done in Microsoft Paint, just with a lot more time and effort. (It took eleven hours as it is, I think.)

      But I have a great oekaki place that I like to use, and I would be more than happy to link you to it if you're interested!
      • Aug 31, 2006
        Oh man, I LOVE oekaki but I suck at it so much myself...
        I'm so envious of people who do great things with it!

        Like you for instance! Too cool!
        • Sep 1, 2006
          Thank you!!

          I'm sure you could do it! Positive, in fact! If you're willing to devote a whooole bunch of time to a single drawing in oekaki, I bet you could draw something really amazing!

          (Someone like me would love to see that!)
          • Sep 1, 2006
            I have tried it before!
            Giggle It turned out looking so funny!

            I think I might need a tablet for something like that... but I'm low on funds... Doh Until then, I'll look into the possibilites of trying out more oekaki...