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Cells (CF3)

Posted Sep 4, 2006, 7:36:08 AM
After DELTA these are out of order because I can't remember exactly what order they came out of the pens in, and I don't really care enough to exert that much memory. It's not like the style evolves in a noticable way this early on anyhow; I've been doing as many as three a day since I started, though usually only one or two. The level of productivity is unusual for me, but then again, I find it extremely easy to express myself in this format. Something about it just feels much more accurate and correct than when I try to represent my general emotional spectra with illustration and concrete symbolism, kind of like how I can compose original music in my head effortlessly but die and completely lose track of things if I try to do much in the way of lyrics, or work it out on my guitar or otherwise actually transcribe it.

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