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Vera the Supermodel

Posted Sep 12, 2006, 2:09:15 AM
She's a supermodel... and i was playing with gradients, YAY GRADIENTS!

I was thinking about Marylin Monroe, obviously, and then i figured i should draw the face looking up, since that is pretty difficult...

all and all i like, hope you do too!

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  • Sep 11, 2006
    I'm not even going to assume I can critique you, but OMG!!

    I heart Marilyn Monroe... and I heart elves.... so there we go!!!
  • Sep 12, 2006
    This looks great, Fembot. Smile Nice job.
  • Sep 12, 2006
    Nice job! Thumbs Up
  • Nov 30, 2010
    shes looks more like a simpsons character