Posted Apr 8, 2005, 11:01:26 PM
One of my favourite characters of the anime Wolf's Rain, Blue. She is so cool. In fact, she is not human, she is a wolf, you see , in Wolf's Rain, wolves can take human form in order to survive in the hostile and devasted world in which they live, they can thus pass unperceived in the world of the humans.

Maybe I would make other wolves of this anime.

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  • Aug 12, 2005
    salut! comment se passent tes vacances? je profite du fait d etre sur internet pour regarder les dessins sur bogusred. j étais sure en regardant wolf s rain sur manga que tu connaissais et j adore ton dessin!!!
    bon alors a la rentrée en septembre si on se voit!
  • May 30, 2005
    Great job on Blue. I give you two big thumbs way, way up. My favorite is Tsume. BTW, Jonny Yong Bosch (the voice of Kiba) is going to be at the anime convention I'm going to in September. I can't wait! I'll try to get pictures. I think I'm going to draw a big Kiba and have him sign it. That would be cool, huh? I love the way you draw wolves. They look so realistic. I've never tried my hand at drawing animals. Is it harder than drawing human characters?
    • May 31, 2005
      Thank you LadyAnime79! Tsume is a cool character, I love both his human and wolf side, he resembles Vegeta on the level of the character: cold and distant but deep down, he has feelings.

      I am glad you are going to see Jonny Yong Bosch and it is a good idea to bring him a Kiba that you will draw!

      The wolf is my favourite animal, maybe because they are beautiful and mysterious. I am nevertheless shocked enough that certain people treat them like true sanguinary monsters, they are just animals which obey their instinct of hunter to be able to survive, well it is my opinion.

      In fact, I do not know if it is easier to draw an animal than a human, that depends of course which animal you want to draw. In my case, it is easier, I started to draw the animals before making human characters, it is a question of practice, the more you will involve yourself to draw animals, and the more you will improve them.

      I had hard time to draw them at the beginning, and to force to draw some, the blow of pencil comes naturally. I am sure that you will manage to make beautiful animals LadyAnime79 !
      • May 31, 2005
        First off, I agree with you on the characters of Tsume and Vegeta. You are so right! I never thought about that. Come to think of it, Sesshomaru is quite the same way. Wow... makes you think, huh? Great assessment!
        Second of all, I totally agree with you about how people treat wolves or any carnal animal for that matter. That's how I feel about sharks. I am an avid shark fan. Great whites are my favorite! They are the most beautiful, graceful creatures I have ever seen and people hunt them down for stupid reasons like revenge or whatever. That really makes me mad! They just do what they do naturally. Most of their attacks are a case of mistaken identity. Oh, I'm kind of straying off of the subject. Sorry. You draw animals beautifully. I guess it would be a matter of how much you practice. How does that saying go? Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep up the good work.
        • Jun 2, 2005
          I have never seen Sesshomaru, I noticed that you love much this character, and according to the drawings which you make,he seems to be a mysterious and distant character who hides his feelings.
          I believe that if I would see this animated drawing, I would like it, I love much the hard and cold characters but who hide a major sensitivity.

          My brother loves much the sharks, in particular the white sharks like you, he often shows me the images of sharks that he finds on Internet, he even found an image of the largest shark of the world (which existed at the time prehistoric and which disappeared with the dinosaurs) the megalodon, very impressive creature!

          I am afraid of sharks even if I find them splendid,but I know well that they are animals, they do not have any notion of the good and of the evil, they obey their instinct of predator. Moreover, I documented myself a little on the attacks of sharks and, as opposed to what one believes, the attacks of sharks are very rare. I also read that It happens that the sharks attack the surfers and the plungers because they confuse them with their usual prey, the seals.

          You see me also I like to speak Smile
          In fact I involve myself to draw when I have time and when I want, I do not count time that I draw.

          Thank you for the encouragement, and especially do not discourage yourself, as you underlined, "Rome was not buuilt in a day"
          • Jun 4, 2005
            Sesshomaru is a very distant character. He doesn't show much emotion, but the way he's portrayed by the animation and by the voice actor, you can tell he has alot going on inside. I guess that is what draws me to him and characters like him. I think I'd love to get in touch with your brother and discuss sharks. *laughs* I love sharks and you're right that most shark attacks come from mistaken identity. When they think the people are seals. You are also so right about the fact that they just follow the laws of nature. They don't know what's right or wrong and it would be stupid of us to expect anything more than that from them. I am a shark fanatic. Always ready to dispute the injustice to them.
  • May 28, 2005
    I love your drawing. I love blue and I think the anime is so cool...even though I cried at least 5 diffrent times through the whole anime! Embarrassed
    • May 28, 2005
      Thank you Mallie3!Smile I do love Wolf's Rain too for many reasons cause I love wolves, I like the story, the characters and the music, especially "Stray" the opening music!
  • Apr 9, 2005
    Awesome! I love the hard edges. Very powerful.
  • Apr 9, 2005
    Nice subtle colours here, very good work Smile i like the sketchy feel to it.
  • Apr 8, 2005
    I really like the girl's pose and her hair. The wolf is drawn really well, too.