Such a tease!

Posted Apr 11, 2005, 1:48:59 AM
Vegeta is showing off is chest.

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  • Apr 10, 2005
    Heheh it looks like the front cover of an issue of "Men's Health" magazine.
    • Apr 10, 2005
      Lol...could be! I do visual art...or whatever it's called in know take a pic and do you're own version of it. I got the body of Sexy veggie in a book that i wont name...
  • Apr 11, 2005
    Holy s3x, Batman! That's great! Very nice shading and the different grey tones are hard to get but you've got almost all six. Very nice work. I'd do things to that picture if only it were real ^^
    • Apr 11, 2005
      LOL, you and me both Maroon, you and me both! Now that you mention it...he does have a four pack...hum...never noticed it before lol...
      Thanks a lot.
      • Apr 12, 2005
        Ha! No, no, no! Not a single gripe about the picture! I was commenting on your ability to almost have captured all six grey tones. Which is very hard to do. You've done very well and I want to gobble up this picture! ^^
        • Apr 13, 2005
          Ahg well, thanks than (grins) my hardest critics hehehe...
  • Jun 20, 2005
    very HOT! I love it...It is everything I wish I had in a boyfriend lol!! Nothin against the boyfriend I have, but that is a body I for sure would drool over lol!! Smile Great Picture of Veggie boy!!
    • Jun 20, 2005
      lmao...i used to tease my boy friend with that pic! Well, i always tease him anyway, saying he's lucky because the only other man i would "want" doesn't exist! Thank you!
  • Jun 15, 2005
    Love it I love how you skulpted his body!! Its so hot! Love it!! Smile
    • Jun 15, 2005
      LOL, thank you very much, i too love his scupted body...sometimes i wish he was human :p

      Again thanks
  • Jun 19, 2005
    OMG! *faints* I think I'll just turn into a babbling idiot now. Oh yes, he does look hot. And that smile he has on his face is very teasing indeed. But why stop with the shirt Vegeta? Why not give us what we really want? *laughs* Great great job! I am definately gonna save this one in my faves. *takes one last look* Um, I think I need a cold shower now.
    • Jun 20, 2005
      LOL, Thank you very much! I also take a look often at this pic, i dunno why Wink Funny you mention that, i'm working on another veggie, this time a bit more ...nude... i'll post it as soon as i can!
      Again i thank you!

      • Jun 20, 2005
        Believe me when I say that I will be keeping an eye out for it. *winks* I can see why you keep finding your way back to this one... we'll just leave it at that. LOL Excellent work,hun.
        • Jun 20, 2005
          lol , thanks again! Just for you, i'll work on the next one harder and faster, i think you'll like it! Wink
          • Jun 20, 2005
            Okay, but the "harder and faster" part sounds all too kinky. *winks* Especially when you're speaking of Vegeta. I can pretty much guarantee I will enjoy it if it is anything like this one. You are very talented. You rock!
            • Jun 21, 2005
              lmao...i hadn't thought of it that way, lol, harder and
              I should post it after the week end or so.

              • Jun 21, 2005
                can't wait. I think you will have alot of very happy females here when they get to see it. ^_^
  • Jun 21, 2005
    Well first of all I have to say thank you Vegeta for showing us your chest. No really I think you done a great job on this pic really kewl.
  • Jun 21, 2005
    Well first of all I have to say thank you Vegeta for showing us your chest. No really I think you done a great job on this pic really kewl.
    • Jun 21, 2005
      Thank you Vegeta1! I have to admit, that he is a tease...always wearing those tight cloths! tsk tsk...pussy tease! Wink
  • game master
    Jun 28, 2005
    man i wish i was bulma. living with this hot hot hot man he is so fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!take off the shirt & the rest of the clothes though then we're talkin'.
    • Jun 28, 2005
      LOL, you and me both! Im working on another veggie...a more sexy one! Its taking longer than i thought but i,ll post it eventualy! Thanks a lot!
  • Aug 19, 2005
    you know thats pritty hott! I love it! id soooo love to touch him right nowGrin
    nice job gurl!Smile
    • Aug 29, 2005
      lol, go ahead, but you'll leave stain on yur computer screen! Beside, he's such a tease...he likes the attention!!!!! Thanks Rodri! Grin




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