Ayelen: Alternate Forms

Posted May 21, 2024, 11:03:14 AM UTC

After spending some time amongst people, Ayelen has learned to transform herself at will into one of two forms. 

1. Anthropomorphic Nguruvilu - Standing upright, she still has most of the qualities of her standard form. This just makes it easier to traverse land-heavy spaces. 
2. Human? - This is for when she wants to go undercover in humanoid-heavy spaces. ... She has yet to be successful at actually fooling anyone. 

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  • Laguna: Aimee, Shingen, Grin
  • Trash Monster: Keys, Sigrid, Zahara
  • Trash Monster: Aras, Marvo, Sigrid
  • Trash Monster: Kyy, Sigrid, Tanith
  • Wouagi, World of Rainbow Pools: Ayelen
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  • Talisman: Ayelen
  • Yuteng the Derpshen
  • Wouagi, World of Rainbow Swamps: Gabi Hardie and Bleu Theta


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