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  • Oct 6, 2006
    HAHAHAHAHA Laughing very funny!!!!! Giggle boxers rangers??????!!!!! :lol: hahaha you really have a great imagination!!!!! Dance Glomp haha you did it again!!!! :glomp: OH!!! wait a minute!!!! O.O! um... put the lotion in the basket??!! O.O umm... that is from south park rihgt??? :dance: :glomp: haha great work!!!!! Thumbs Up keep up!!!!!
    • Oct 6, 2006
      Laughing thank you! Glomp I thikn "Put the lotion in the basket" is form Silence of the Lambs Grin
      • Oct 6, 2006
        oh is just that i saw a south park episode and cartman was saying that words Sad sorry for the mistake :( hehe Laughing but anyway good work!!! Thumbs Up
        • Oct 6, 2006
          Laughing it's all good Hug I'm already planning another one of these too! I just need to think of more movies :ponder:
          • Oct 6, 2006
            Hug YAY Glomp how about SCARY MOVIE umm... got any idea?????
            • Oct 6, 2006
              That just gave me a buttload of ideas Laughing i'll get work on it right away! Thanks Glomp
  • Oct 18, 2006
    Hahaha is the last one from Monty Python's quest for the holy grail?

    By the way, if this is a comic, it should be moved to the comics section Smile
    • Oct 19, 2006
      Yep! Laughing don't worry it's not a comic, just a bunch of random stuff i did in Paint
    • Nov 8, 2006
      Smile glad I can do that for ya. Thanks for commenting Dance