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Me? Dangerous???

Posted Oct 11, 2006, 5:25:53 PM

Well, i've pick this one up again. Arkillian has been a huge help with it. She's given me a lot of hints and help...heck she even drew my caracter with her style, let me tell you she look hot.

So, tell me whats ok, whats not...tell me anything

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  • Oct 11, 2006
    I THOUGHT I reckonised this pic!! ^^ I'm glad you're going to finish it ^^ Although you don't need to credit me in this pic as a co-artist Yes just make sure you submit the final to the contest group when you submit it and I'll be cool ^^
    • Oct 17, 2006
      do you want me to remove it? Since you've been such a huge help with it, i thought i'd show the pd world!Smile
      • Oct 17, 2006
        Don't remove it! Why should she be hidden from the world? I'm giving help- not drawing it for you. It's your picture ^^
        • Oct 17, 2006
          lol, i meant to ask whetever you wanted me to remove you as co-artist. It's true you didn't draw it, but you've been such a huge help that i thought i'd show the PD world, that you helped. Sorry about the confusion here!
          • Oct 17, 2006
            Woops!! Gap between comments ^^ I should've looked Smile Yeah- take my name down. You can mentian I helped if you want. The joint collab thing is only for pictures done by two people like 1 creates other draws, or one does the line art and the other colours, or its 50/50 drawing and stuff.All I did was advise :) I don't mind ^^
  • Oct 11, 2006
    I LOVE HER HAIR! Mostly that strand that goes over her eyes Grin and her expression is cool it's kind of innocent and evil at the same time, to me at least Thumbs Up
    • Oct 17, 2006
      thanks Moon! Glad you like my sexy vixen!Smile
      • Oct 18, 2006
        Drooling mmmmmmm VIXEN =P~ Laughing Heart (YES that's drool :grinSmile
  • Apr 17, 2007
    I like this draft picture too. I have some self- music promo too quick: you can hear my music at www.mp3.com/shannonjc
    Image attached