Silver Fang

Posted Oct 26, 2006, 6:28:23 PM
A picture I drew of a very, very pissed off preggie wolf named Silver. (is a character of clawed_demon) I have the impression of her with shuriken like this, drawing it dramaticly but not actually throwing it. ^ ^; It was meant to be drawn very darkly, just because I wanted to...other than that, crit please!

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  • Dec 14, 2006
    Totally cool Grin
  • Dunno Don'care
    Oct 29, 2006
    Ooo, a preggie wolf-woman. What qould provoke you to draw her preggie? That isn't common. My crit- Her breasts look a little off. The far one doesn't seem to be right. Wouldn't it be...Hmm, I dunno. Hard to see, perhaps? With that belly in the way, they would be affected slightly. Her tail also seems to be a bit off. Not position-wise, but, wolves don't typically carry their tails upright. They hold them down. But, maybe this wolf is overly cocky or she is a leader. That would be the only reason to carry her tail upright. Hope I was helpful!!
    ~That Person Over There
    • Oct 30, 2006
      Well, Silver is currently preggie, so it's only right to draw her as such isn't it? I see your point on the left there....tho' it's hard to give them justice in a time like this. ^ ^;
      She is both cocky and pushy, so she has the right to hold her tail like that-but now that I think about it, she'd be too lazy to do it...I'll remember that in the future, thanks!
      • Dunno Don'Care
        Nov 2, 2006
        I guess that would be a good reason to draw her preg. Too lazy to hodl her tail upright? ^^ That's a funny thought. Oh, how could you forbid your picture of the kitty-creature... Harmakhis, I think it was? How am I supposed to put a comment if you forbid it? ^^ Aww, well. I like your art. It is really neat.
        • Nov 7, 2006
          I unblocked it...it's not that big of a deal. I suppose if it was deathly personal, I could do that but...everything else is roastable as a marshmellow, why not?