The Reflection of Perfection

Posted Oct 27, 2006, 8:07:53 PM
So I was sitting in Chemistry, and we had a sub. We were watching KBOOM! (Yes, it involved explosions.) I decided I needed to draw a picture of my vampire character for a Neopets guild that's slowly coming along.
There is the vampire -pokes the person at the bottom of the picture-
And then I wanted to colour her. So I did.
...and then I got bored. So I thought "What if she had a bunch of little polka-dots around her?" Enter the purple polka-dots. Then "What if some of the polka-dots were the center of a flower?" Enter magenta blobs. Then "What if they were all conected?"
There were a lot of what-ifs.
Until I got this. =)
It took me almost four class periods for me to colour and draw all this in, but  I was also taking notes and, you know, learning. =P
Obviously, it's been cut from the page it was originally in. I have it prepped to go on my Myspace.

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