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Black wings of two souls

Posted Nov 1, 2006, 2:48:56 PM
It's a fanart from D.N.Angel. The wing was pretty hard.. O.o tokk me a whole week.
Hope you like it ^^

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  • Nov 3, 2006
    Wow nice detail work on the wings there.
    • Aug 25, 2007
      Thank you!
      Yeah took me a whole week to finish... O.o
  • Nov 10, 2006
    O.O!O.OO.OI see all that week..Look,there`s Monday,Tuesday...GrinO.OWoah...Awesome!Haven`t seen the anime,but still awesome!YesThe wing looks amazing!:yes:The week has paid off.:yes:
    • Aug 25, 2007
      You think so? I'm glad! Big Smile
      Thank you!
  • Feb 9, 2007
    Those wings deserve more praise!

    They look really nice and detailed, good job!

    I love DNAngel!!
    • Aug 25, 2007
      Thank you!! ^^
  • Aug 13, 2007
    Very unique and lovely wings! ^__^
    • Aug 25, 2007
      ah what a nice thing to hear the word uniqe to my drawing... ~_____~
      Thank you!