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Raver Neko # 1

Posted Nov 19, 2006, 8:41:37 PM
This is my cute kitty raver. Shell have a friend coming along eventually.

I should giver her a name...-thinks-

Used colored pencils and a g-pilot pen to ink.

I might digitally color it one day...


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  • Nov 19, 2006
    I reckon a name with an X at the end like Jax, or Minx,or something...
    Critique? The picture is on a major slant to the right. Attached a red line showing the gravity- threoretically, if you have half of the body on one side of the line, and ahalf on the other, the person will be balanced. Obviously if they're jumping, or falling this does not apply, but gravity is a big cue of disbelief- if the picture is slanted, then the mind has to work to correct it rather than look at the pic.

    Easyest way to stop this? Draw the head, the ndraw a nine down the page showing where gravity pushes the head. The body will always try to keep the head upright by keeping the body evenly balanced on both sides of the line. It's all about counterbalance. And sketching the form first Smile
    Image attached
    • Nov 20, 2006
      I see what youre saying. Thanks for the critique. Ill apply it to other pictures...but Im too lazy to go back a fix this when I color it digitally. ^_^

      Thanks for the help!
      • Nov 20, 2006
        Oh no! Don't fix it digetally- you'd never get it the same ^^ Unless it's a lineart. Just yeah- for future stuff. The line technique is the easiest way I've found for balancing figures Yes