Light Shines in the Dark

Posted Nov 22, 2006, 9:36:46 PM

Yay! It's done.
I could have got it done sooner (and better) if i had the time. Why do I have soo much homework??? T^T
I'm soo sorry if this is super disappointing. I kept on screwing up and wasn't concentrating.

Anyway. Before I colored this, i was thinking of coloring the background really dark, and make the fairy glow. That was what the title was about. But it turned out like this. So um...ignor the title? ^^;

And the fairy's not Sakura. XD

Enjoy!! :heart:

Sasuke © Masashi Kishimoto
Image/Art © StarSpirit (me)

Oh! BTW. Everything's done in colored pencil except for the little white dots. And the scanner screwed up the blue background, so i have no choice but to hue it to red. *glares at the scanner*

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