Sakura is a Chibi!

Posted Nov 27, 2006, 7:16:04 AM

This is my main character, Sakura Sanzo, as a chibi. Sakura is an Aryan vampire (my own race) who lives in Minoru. because of a deal she made with the late King Edward she will always be bound as the monarchy's royal thief and body guard to the princess and future princes and princesses. Before this deal, Sakura traveled with her past friend (a demon) named Leiko Yamagata. Leiko held the universal title (Celestia is a small world) of Greatest Assassin and Maniplator. Sakura held the universal title Greatest Thief and Fighter. After a mishap, Leiko disappeared and Sakura was caught off her guard and thrown into prison. She hates the queen but is fond of the princess. The deal will not let the Queen throw her in prison, kill her, or fire her, so Sakura takes advantage of this and remains a criminal by joining pirates for a voyage or two, and joining the Vamprie Organization, a small group of vampires with a goal to better themselves, and help Minoru when it is convient. I will eventually write this stoy.

Now, about that actual drawing. ^_^; yesterday, I was feeling very down about my drawing so Leondrabeth suggestes I draw something diffrerent and she said chibis. So I got down the Katy Coope books and used her example of a chibi to draw my first one. All my chibis won't look like this, I'm going to experiment a lot until I finally get a style I like.

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