First Kiss

Posted Dec 10, 2006, 12:34:38 AM
Sucks that this is on lined paper.  I want to outline it in PhotoShop, so I'm marking it "unfinished".  Hopefully I get the chance to mess around with some software at school (I don't have any fancy software at home, so it may take a while).

Anyway.  Link and Zelda were made for each other.  This was me experimenting with kissing—or at least getting close.  I like the way their heads are turned, and I love the little details.  There are only three qualms I have with it:

1) Zelda's left foot.  Looks like it's on a stool or something.
2) Link's right foot.  Ditto.  (These are just me getting the perspective wrong...)
3) Zelda's left hand.  Why does it look so odd?  Like it's coming out of nowhere....

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  • Feb 9, 2007
    The love the "moment" that you caught them in! It gives me a warm fuzzy, Awwww!
  • Feb 8, 2007
    This is cute.
    I like it ^_^
    • Feb 9, 2007
      Bounce Thank you! I like it, too. You sorta need to tilt your head to look at it... but I am sooo proud of them! Yes
  • Dec 9, 2006
    Aw Link and Zelda. They are made for each other. Hey I could give you a red pen critique on this if you'd like. Maybe it would help to have it before you work on the final version? if you ever do a final version. Let me know.
    • Dec 10, 2006
      Yeah, sure, that'd be great! Any tips you can give would really be appreciated. I know it looks kinda awkward at times, so... whatever. Thanks! Bounce
      • Dec 16, 2006
        Sorry for taking so long. Here it is. Ok a couple things to watch out for. The first thing I noticed is that Link is off balance. If these two were real right now Zelda would be a pancake because Link would fall ontop of her. All of his weight is resting on her.

        The way to determine where a person has their weight is by drawing a strait line down from their nose to the ground. See the arrow in the attached crit.

        As you see, both of Links legs are to one side of the arrow. This means he's off balance. A person that is in balance will have that arrow placed where their weight is. For example, if a character is leaning on his left foot, his nose should be above that foot. If a character had his weight evenly distributed between both feet, the arrow would be between the feet.

        Also, Link's torso is a bit too short. his belt should be more where the blue line is.

        Hope this helps Smile I hope you do a finished version.
        Image attached