Hey King!!!

Posted Dec 13, 2006, 10:40:11 PM

This is a long story in our story lol

see Sasuke who in our story goes off with Orochimaru who in our story we call Orochi for short and laughed about it. Well he does the same in the anime.

But he comes back to us to help us get info from this guy who knows how to defeat this evil man named Kino, whos tring to get control over the world, (i know how cleche lol) anyways so he helps and dresses like a sensei and i shapeshift into a girl wearing a long robe and a hat with my planets royal symbol on it and yes the best idea i had was the same style as a hokage but i was planning on changing the idea into a mini skirt and crop top while wearing a white robe and mabye have the royal symbol on the top!

And the reason for the title is along the way i meet an old friend called King and this is where Sasuke stops him from getting near me lol kinda stupid but it was an idea at the time (and yes King from Gakuen Heaven which is a good anime)

So give me ideas on what you think, and i shall be colouring soon!!

Oh yes and im happy to be back again with some more drawings!

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