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Inner Me

Posted Dec 16, 2006, 6:48:05 AM
Hehehe. I spent forever on this thing. This is basically who I want to be...pink hair and all. I was going to give her suspenders, but I'm not exactly sure how to draw suspenders on her ^.^'
And poofier hair would have been cool, but...I can't draw poofy hair >.>

The base is from pinkland.net. Made using MS Paint.
Second time I've put my pixel doll into a scene...that's supposed to be D&D equipment next to her.  Yay!

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  • Dec 16, 2006
    One suggestion for next time, try using darker shades of pink for the hair and shoes.

    But very nice none the less
    • Dec 16, 2006
      =D Thanks! I'll definitely keep that in mind.
      • Dec 17, 2006
        Big Smile Welcome. (( and you should check out some of my works.. i'm also still learning! ))