Me as a Vampire (colored)

Posted Dec 21, 2006, 7:45:32 AM
I decided to color my original sketch. Starting to learn how to use photoshop and this is one of my first colored pics in there.

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  • Dec 21, 2006
    Well- the picture is really tiny, so I can't really tell what's happening with it. You use layers to colour? I notice your lines are very rigid. Unless you ment for that to happen, I'm guessing you scanned it at a low res and colouring it then- right? How I work it is I draw all my pics in A4- I know that if I scan an A4 page at 300dpi, it'll print an A4 picture shaply- most lasers go up to 300dpi. My printer at home is a deskjet though, and goes upto .... 800dpi? Donno. So Ido all my pictures at 600dpi, cause then I can make them into sharp posters. Now the coll thing is- you can shrink the picture down to a small size like htis, and it'll have the nice antialias(faiding in and out of colour) that pics have, and you can save a high res to sell later Smile The other thing- if you never want to print it, low res is ok. To get a similar effect, change the brush to a soft brush rather that a hard one.You use CS?
    • Dec 21, 2006
      Ill make it bigger. No, i used one layer for the whole thing. Im still getting to know Photoshop, so i still dont know how to merge layers together. I wanted to put a backround, but didnt know how to merge them together. About the A4 and dpi stuff, i have no idea what that is, lol, sorry. I dont have all the necassary computer tools for all of my art to be the best i can do. Sad O, and whats CS?? I did finish a drawing today in photoshop with a backround. I kinda figured out how to put one in. Ima gonna put it up right now. Thanks a bunch Arkillian.
      • Dec 23, 2006
        Photoshop CS- its the version of Photoshop you have. CS is the current one Smile Layers are dead easy- to merge though, under the title at the top- layers there shoulld be flatten and merge visable. The DPI is dots per inch- basically, the more dots there are, the sharper the image. Most printers print 300dpi, some bublejets and stuff go upto 1200dpi or something. A4 is a standard size for paper- you may use the B system or something. Donno. http://www.paperdemon.com/storyview.php/id/1540.html Fable Spinner did a great Photoshop tutorial based on CS. HAve a looksee and see if it helps ^^
        • Dec 23, 2006
          Thank u so much Arkillian. I know new computer/printer terminology now Smile. Ill take a look at the tutorial.
          • Dec 23, 2006
            A tip with colours before you finish that- make your subject stand out- not the unimportant stuf like the background. Desaturate that background some. IT's way too powerfull at the moment
            • Dec 23, 2006
              Thats good advice, ill try that. In the future ill take into consideration the colors i use in a pic and how i use them.




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